YC113.12.01 // Sansha Sympathizer Attacks Site One


At 6:41:27 on YC113.12.01, a Sansha sympathizer by the name of Kanza Mikakka detonated a Caldari Bantam near the Federation Administrative Outpost. The Bantam was loaded with nuclear payload and triggers, and upon detonation the pilot broadcast in local, ‘For the Master,’ referring to none other than Sansha Kuvakei.

It remains unclear if the earlier attackers were Sansha sympathizers as well, though given the similarities between the incidents it would not be a far stretch of the imagination.

Kanza Mikakka was registered as a day old pilot with the Science and Trade Institute and was not flagged as a criminal. It is believed the pilot’s certifications were forged, like the others.

Kanza Mikakka survived the explosion, and his current whereabouts are unknown.

Below is the related log:

[ 2011.12.01 06:39:36 ] 00Athus > wtf
[ 2011.12.01 06:39:43 ] Soraina Novati > day old…
[ 2011.12.01 06:40:03 ] Aquila Shadow > ?
[ 2011.12.01 06:40:18 ] Soraina Novati > that batham is self destructing
[ 2011.12.01 06:41:07 ] Aquila Shadow > MOVE
[ 2011.12.01 06:41:12 ] Aquila Shadow > cargo is nucler
[ 2011.12.01 06:41:26 ] Aquila Shadow > MOVE MOVE MOVE
[ 2011.12.01 06:42:07 ] Soraina Novati > trying to push him away from the faculities
[ 2011.12.01 06:42:14 ] 00Athus > dammit
[ 2011.12.01 06:42:24 ] Aquila Shadow > i scanned the cargo
[ 2011.12.01 06:42:37 ] Aquila Shadow > looked like nucler material
[ 2011.12.01 06:42:49 ] Soraina Novati > hmmmm
[ 2011.12.01 06:43:04 ] Soraina Novati > see the local chatter?
[ 2011.12.01 06:43:07 ] 00Athus > look at local
[ 2011.12.01 06:43:14 ] Adainy Gwanwyn > What is it?
[ 2011.12.01 06:43:20 ] Jikane Ronuken > Bloody Sansha’s
[ 2011.12.01 06:43:21 ] Aquila Shadow > i see it
[ 2011.12.01 06:43:30 ] 00Athus > Kanza Mikakka > for the master
[ 2011.12.01 06:43:58 ] Aquila Shadow > check out the name of the wreck
[ 2011.12.01 06:44:00 ] Jikane Ronuken > I knew it
[ 2011.12.01 06:44:00 ] Heinel Sidewind > is there another raid?
[ 2011.12.01 06:44:08 ] Gabrel tosh > no dammage on the admin bulding
[ 2011.12.01 06:44:09 ] Soraina Novati > currently no
[ 2011.12.01 06:44:10 ] Jikane Ronuken > from the minute I heard there was an attack
[ 2011.12.01 06:44:20 ] Adainy Gwanwyn > Sansha sympathizers or Sansha pilots?
[ 2011.12.01 06:44:32 ] Aquila Shadow > sympathiser
[ 2011.12.01 06:44:36 ] 00Athus > he was a day old
[ 2011.12.01 06:44:38 ] Jikane Ronuken > either, It doesn’t really matter, des it?
[ 2011.12.01 06:44:53 ] Jikane Ronuken > porbably forged ID, like the others
[ 2011.12.01 06:45:00 ] Aquila Shadow > ok, someone salvage the wreck
[ 2011.12.01 06:45:08 ] Jikane Ronuken > I’ll be right back
[ 2011.12.01 06:45:19 ] Aquila Shadow > need to avoid any exes radiation
[ 2011.12.01 06:45:19 ] Soraina Novati > luckly he was only a batham
[ 2011.12.01 06:48:00 ] Gabrel tosh > he had a nice boom thats for sure had to be augmented
[ 2011.12.01 06:48:01 ] Jikane Ronuken > back, I have a salvager now
[ 2011.12.01 06:48:10 ] Aquila Shadow > kk
[ 2011.12.01 06:48:32 ] 00Athus > chop up the wreak see if any thing is there
[ 2011.12.01 06:48:49 ] Adainy Gwanwyn > Any immediate assistance needed?
[ 2011.12.01 06:48:55 ] Aquila Shadow > damn, there is know way to re-open a cargo scan is there? i accidentaly closed the window
[ 2011.12.01 06:49:25 ] Soraina Novati > it wouldnt be log’d anywhere would with with combat iinformation?
[ 2011.12.01 06:49:35 ] Jikane Ronuken > All that was left were some metal scraps, and a scorched telemetry processor
[ 2011.12.01 06:49:56 ] Gabrel tosh > i know he augemented it with somthin
[ 2011.12.01 06:50:19 ] Jikane Ronuken > likely, but just as likely that it was all destroyed in the explosion
[ 2011.12.01 06:50:37 ] Julianus Soter > Kanza MIkakka
[ 2011.12.01 06:50:39 ] Gabrel tosh > listing possable equipment
[ 2011.12.01 06:51:16 ] Aquila Shadow > when i scanned dhis cargo it was full of nuclear matierial
[ 2011.12.01 06:51:59 ] Jikane Ronuken > Nuclear material isn’t in and of itself explosive
[ 2011.12.01 06:52:17 ] Aquila Shadow > but he also had triggers
[ 2011.12.01 06:52:29 ] Cravid > but a ship going boom makes a nice detonator
[ 2011.12.01 06:52:33 ] Kletius > it is when you have the critical mass point reached
[ 2011.12.01 06:52:51 ] Gabrel tosh > Doom Citadel Torpedo Bane Torpedo Nuclear Pulse Generator Nuclear Rea Thermonuclear Trigger Unit ctor…
[ 2011.12.01 06:53:07 ] Aquila Shadow > thats it^^
[ 2011.12.01 06:53:11 ] Gabrel tosh > som of the possable ones
[ 2011.12.01 06:53:17 ] Gabrel tosh > im lookin for more
[ 2011.12.01 06:54:21 ] Gabrel tosh > bet he also used elecrtonis to wire in the payload to go off at the same time
[ 2011.12.01 06:55:25 ] Cravid > and thats the high tech version. A hold full of Enriched Uranium could possibly be set off by the power of an exploding ship.
[ 2011.12.01 06:57:33 ] Jikane Ronuken > Did the pilot eject before the ship exploded
[ 2011.12.01 06:57:41 ] Adainy Gwanwyn > Where was the ship detonated near?
[ 2011.12.01 06:57:54 ] Aquila Shadow > the fed admin outpost
[ 2011.12.01 06:57:55 ] Jikane Ronuken > approximatley at the location of my Thrasher
[ 2011.12.01 06:58:05 ] Jikane Ronuken > give or take 2km
[ 2011.12.01 06:58:07 ] 00Athus > he hoped as it went off then went
[ 2011.12.01 06:58:16 ] Soraina Novati > Right in between the shuttle platform and the Main outpost
[ 2011.12.01 06:58:21 ] 00Athus > i couldnt get his pod
[ 2011.12.01 06:58:37 ] Aquila Shadow > he was not flagged as a pirate
[ 2011.12.01 06:58:38 ] Soraina Novati > Is where he was before i bumped him away to where he blew up
[ 2011.12.01 06:58:47 ] Jikane Ronuken > I think it was right next to the Reasearch Project Storage
[ 2011.12.01 06:59:05 ] Gabrel tosh > small radation spike nothin too major so far
[ 2011.12.01 06:59:13 ] Jikane Ronuken > *research, excuse me
[ 2011.12.01 06:59:55 ] Jikane Ronuken > do we know if any of the staff ships were damaged?
[ 2011.12.01 07:00:10 ] Soraina Novati > None were near the blast
[ 2011.12.01 07:00:22 ] Jikane Ronuken > define near, please
[ 2011.12.01 07:00:36 ] Gabrel tosh > i don’t think it was a well crafted bomb
[ 2011.12.01 07:00:55 ] Soraina Novati > With in 7.5 to 10kms at least
[ 2011.12.01 07:00:59 ] Aquila Shadow > just to check, is anyone writing up an incident report?
[ 2011.12.01 07:01:05 ] Adainy Gwanwyn > I am
[ 2011.12.01 07:01:17 ] 00Athus > besides us the nearist ship was ovr 8k away
[ 2011.12.01 07:01:39 ] Adainy Gwanwyn > Although it may be better coming from someone who was there
[ 2011.12.01 07:01:52 ] Adainy Gwanwyn > I’ve only got what you’ve shared with us so far, obviously
[ 2011.12.01 07:02:04 ] Soraina Novati > Where would i submit it?
[ 2011.12.01 07:02:25 ] Jikane Ronuken > Use the Arek’Jaalan mailing list, Ms Novati
[ 2011.12.01 07:02:38 ] Aquila Shadow > 06:41:27 Notify Bantam belonging to Kanza Mikakka self-destructs.
[ 2011.12.01 07:02:38 ] Jikane Ronuken > that is where everyone else has sent theirs
[ 2011.12.01 07:02:47 ] Aquila Shadow > the exact time^^
[ 2011.12.01 07:03:53 ] Gabrel tosh > trying to track his location last seen near Hek
[ 2011.12.01 07:04:00 ] Jikane Ronuken > Were there any modules, documents, ammunition, etc. that survived the explosion?
[ 2011.12.01 07:04:15 ] Aquila Shadow > no
[ 2011.12.01 07:04:42 ] 00Athus > tosh i dnt think the agents will find him tell ostarva to hold off
[ 2011.12.01 07:05:16 ] Gabrel tosh > ya he said hes gonna drop for the night
[ 2011.12.01 07:05:22 ] Adainy Gwanwyn > Was the pilot’s ”certification” with the SWA as well?
[ 2011.12.01 07:06:07 ] Aquila Shadow > no
[ 2011.12.01 07:06:28 ] Aquila Shadow > science and trade institute
[ 2011.12.01 07:06:30 ] Urziel99 > looks like a STI cert
[ 2011.12.01 07:07:03 ] Aquila Shadow > from what i scanned ther were: Nuclear Pulse Generator, Thermonuclear Trigger Unit in his cargo hold
[ 2011.12.01 07:07:58 ] Urziel99 > that hardware is a little beyond the ken or financial reach of a fresh capsuleer.
[ 2011.12.01 07:09:07 ] Gabrel tosh > that and he has to have som kinda traning on how to install and wire up nukes
[ 2011.12.01 07:09:45 ] Kletius > i bet he was a patsy for someone else
[ 2011.12.01 07:09:51 ] Urziel99 > true, that also explains the ship type. The bantam has the largest cargo bay of the frigates available.
[ 2011.12.01 07:10:03 ] Aquila Shadow > [06:41:28] Kanza Mikakka > for the master
[ 2011.12.01 07:10:05 ] Adainy Gwanwyn > I’m going to send my write up out to the mailing list; feel free to add detail and clarification where needed. I have to be heading off now.
[ 2011.12.01 07:10:13 ] Adainy Gwanwyn > Fly safe friends. o7
[ 2011.12.01 07:10:18 ] Aquila Shadow > o7
[ 2011.12.01 07:10:22 ] Urziel99 > o7
[ 2011.12.01 07:10:29 ] Morwen Lagann > I’ll make sure to update the archive before I go to bed.
[ 2011.12.01 07:10:30 ] Jikane Ronuken > o7

More news as it develops.


YC113.11.30 // The Completion of Site One


As many of you know, Site One, a nexus of data for all things Arek’Jaalan, was recently completed. Sporting a total of 18 data centers for each Project under the Arek’Jaalan initiative, two data transfer arrays, the Arek’Jaalan Research Offices complex, three construction material storage and research storage facilities, a living hub for visitors, researchers, and capsuleers each set near a residential shuttle port, a Visitor’s Center and an acceleration gate still currently under construction, all of which is settled under the mighty shadow of the Federation Administrative Outpost, the Site One complex heralds in a new age of discovery, learning, and progressive thinking.

Following are photos of Site One:

By approaching Site One, you are transferred an information packet about Site One and those who contributed to its building. Incidentally, I am listed first on the list; I would like to point out I contributed far less than the vast majority of capsuleers who made Site One a reality – contributors are only ordered alphabetically, not by the amount or importance of their contribution.

If you approach a Project data center, you will be transferred an information packet that contains the abstract for that Project. All information packets are stored in your cargo hold.

To all the capsuleers and people who made Site One a reality; In these tumultuous times, it is great people such as Hilen Tukoss, the Antiquarian, and all those who contributed to such a  grand project that will further our efforts to create a world where discovery and education are the desired end of a more enlightened people. Let us always push forward, unending, unyielding, until we are no more.


YC113.10.31 // Eggs and Graves


The floating graves
Up in the sky
Tumbling ’round
Up there so high.

The bodies hid
And tucked away
We sent them off
Just this past day.

But still they come
Come falling down
And out they crawl
Onto the ground.

So run away
And get the guns
And send the corpse
Back to the sun.

But still they’ll fall
Fall from the sky
And come back down
To eat and fly.

They’ll burn your flesh
And hatch from eggs
To bring on more
As walkers beg.

We’ll send again
Them to the stars
But still there’s more
And only scars.


YC113.10.29 // There in the Fire


Light your torches
And close your doors,
For well you know
The local lore.

They’ll come from high
And fall below
To the great Fire
And soon will grow.

Spinning, turning,
Ever wide,
The chiming stars,
The ripping tide.

They’re all about
To dance and sing.
They’ll call you down,
A cage of rings.

Down low stairs
And to the stars,
They’ll laugh with you
And give you scars.

Dripping, dropping
Red hot blood,
They’ll sink to you
And crawl from mud.

Standing, staring,
In the night,
They’ll make you die
With all their might.


YC113.10.28 // The Shadow Men


From the rocks
They do crawl
In a fumbling, bumbling
Haunted fall.

In the dark
They do creep
To the laughing, clapping
And the beat.

Wicked and hungry,
They’re tireless ghouls.
Full of great evil
That calls to fools.

In your home
They do sneak,
With creaking and cracking
Smelling meat.

To your bed
They do slide,
With a silent and quick
Fright’ning glide.

Dancing and waving
They’re after you!
Snatching and grabbing
They reach for you!

Watching your breathing
Until you yawn,
They will shut your mouth
Until your gone!


YC113.10.27 // Little Eram Dor


In the small town of Agah Ageth, there was a particular girl among all the many children named Little Eram Dor, who loved to play in the fields and sing all day. She was loud and raucous and perturbed all the people in her village. She would sing and scream, night and day, and never once made a friend. Her father would try to shush her, but she would shout, “I just want to play!” When in church he would reprimand her, for she was always humming and talking to herself. She would sing too loud and talk too much. And so everybody in the town despised Little Eram Dor.

Then one day, a new church was raised in Agah Ageth, and they held services late into the night. Little Eram Dor could hear them singing; they shouted and hollered and played on their drums, dancing around great fires in there field. So she snuck out into the night to watch them, far from her home and on the edge of town. She crept up to the brim of the firelight, and watched them spin and sing around the flames.

Little Eram Dor returned to her home, just as the sun rose, and hid her venture from her father.

Night after night, she would go back, creeping closer and closer toward the light. The people always seemed so happy and full, and danced and danced until the morning came. Little Eram Dor never slept, for she always stayed out too late to sleep. Soon, her father began to notice her tired ways; she no longer sang or shouted or jumped, and was thin and small. She only sat silently, thinking of when she could go back to the bonfire to watch the other people. She was so weary, she never noticed the how the children were less and less as time went by.

Then one night, as Little Eram Dor crept from her house and came upon the place of worship, she saw no one was there. She walked up to the edge of the roaring fire, and soon as she did, the people leapt from the field and began to sing,”We are hungry, so feed us bones! We are hungry, so fill us full!”

They spun and cheered, and Little Eram Dor was swept up in the haze. She sang and jumped and danced through the night, as the people threw her meat and joined her in her hungry feast. Night after night, Little Eram Dor returned to dance with the people and enjoy the delicious food they had.

She became fat and full, and her father noticed her mysterious change. He told her not to go out at all, but Little Eram Dor, being clever and having hidden her ventures from her father, kindly replied, “Father, I would never disobey you!” But that night, Little Eram Dor crept out again.

When she came upon the fire, the people were not dancing. She yelled at them, “I want to dance! I want to sing!” So they gathered around her and began their chanting, and Little Eram Dor was in quite a delight. She shouted and sang, and they lifted her up. They bound her hands and tied her feet, but still Little Eram Dor was singing. They built the fire big, and threw her over and around the flames. Still she did not cease her singing. The people shouted, “We are hungry, so feed us bones! We are hungry, so fill us full!” They tossed Little Eram Dor onto the fire, and still she kept on singing.

The next morning, the church was gone, and her father and the town came to find her. All that remained was her head, the little skull of Eram Dor, her mouth wide open, now silently singing.


YC113.10.26 // In the Forest


“There once was a boy named Urzogam, who was brash and arrogant. He always disobeyed his mother when she commanded him, telling her he was a man and would not heed her. She would call him for supper, and he would cry back, “I am not hungry, because I am strong!” and he would thrust out his chest and spit on the ground. She would call to him for bed, and he would cry back, “I am not tired, because I am strong!” and he would run out of the house and jump in the garden.

All of Urzogam’s friends admired his pride, and Urzogam enjoyed his fame. One night, he was playing with his friends near the edge of the forest far from the town. As the sun set, his mother came and called for him, and he said to his friends, “Listen! I will show her! I am a man, and I will run into the forest when she calls and not come out until the sun rises!” His friends were shocked at his bravery, because the forest was said to be haunted by shadows that ate children. When they said this to Urzogam, he spat on the ground and said, “I am not afraid, because I am a man!”

Urzogam’s mother called again, and Urzogam ran into the forest. As he ran further, he could hear his mother’s cries fade away, just as the sun faded into darkness behind the trees. Soon, it became pitch dark, and Urzogam began to feel afraid. He reassured himself, saying, “I should not be afraid, because I am strong.” He heard whispers and rustling away in the dark, and said to himself, “This is fine, my trick has gone on long enough. I will return back, and show her how brave I was!” As Urzogam walked, he could not find his way out. He became weary, and so sat down to rest. He heard more whispering, and the rustling was closer now. In fright, he stood up and began to run. “I am sure the edge of the forest is just this way, I am sure!” he said to himself.

He ran faster, and the whispering drew closer, followed by the footsteps and the sound of drums. They beat louder and louder, and he ran faster and faster, and the whispers turned to laughter and mad singing. Urzogam ran faster and faster but the sounds were nearer and nearer, and soon they were right upon him, the thumping of the footsteps and the pounding of the drums, the wickedness of the laughter, louder and louder, faster and faster, howling and calling, he could not run any faster!

Urzogam’s friends told his mother what he had done, and she gathered up the townsfolk to go to the forest in the middle of the night. As they came upon the edge of the forest, they heard a frightening skriek far into the thicket that pierced their senses, and then silence.

The next morning, the townsfolk found the bones of Urzogam, lying piecemeal mere feet from the edge of the forest. Some say that to this day, you can still hear the cries of Urzogam as his ghost tries to escape its fate, and that those who have ventured in to find it… have never returned.


YC113.10.17 // Whisperings


There was a lot of dust. It hung eerily, with no wind to whisp it about. The Traveler glided slowly into the cloud, disrupting its serenity. I activated the cloak, and waited.

For hours I sat there, unmoving. The unnamed planet spun in the distance, it’s stormy atmosphere roiling. I focused my camera drones on the planet, watching the lightning storm erupt. There was nothing quite like wormhole space – The untouched planets, the unclaimed freedom. Well, almost unclaimed.

They zipped in, two of them, warp drives deactivating. They drifted slowly along the edge of the gas cloud, their appendages bending and snapping at nothing. Their sleek, pristine armor reflected the light of the two suns, and I could pick up indecipherable chatter from them. What were they saying? Who were they talking to?

One diverted, slowly, engines giving a slight pulse. It poked into the cloud, about three kilometers off, pincers clapping. After a moment, it backed out, and joined the other. They began aligning toward some destination in deep space, their seemingly incoherent garble continuing without hesitation. They warped away, the chatter leaving with them.

They were a complete anomaly. We knew they had come from New Eden once, and that they had once interacted with an ancient race, the Talocan. Beyond that… the Sleepers were an unrivaled mystery.

And we had barely scratched the surface of their existence.


YC113.10.24 // The Frontier


“Where do eggers come from, dad?” asked the little boy into the camera, static interfering with the audio and video.

“They come from the Empires, son.” replied the worn voice of his father. The video skipped, and I adjusted the playback settings. It continued.

“Mom says they’re bad, that they just ruin everything.”

“She’s right, son. Capsuleers don’t have any allegiance to the Empires, only to themselves. They don’t even trust each other, really.”

The video stopped again. I looked up as a corpse drifted in front of me, across the exposed and gaping hole in the structure. Asteroids spun and glinted in the distance as the sun rose over the nearby gas giant.

“Why don’t the empires just get rid of them, dad?”

“Capsuleers are powerful, son. You can’t just – ” sirens could be heard going off in the background of the video. The boys face went from curiosity to worry. A warning code came over the intercom system. “I’m sorry, kiddo, I have to go. There’s ‘rats inbound. Send my love to your mother.” The video stuck again.

I looked down at the screen. The boy’s face was frozen in distress. I looked back toward the sun.

“What do you think, sir?” asked Lieutenant Merromeau.

I tossed the data pad out into space, and watched it float of toward the asteroids. “I think we’d better leave before Nation comes back; there’s still plenty of corpses left, and you know how fickle he is with left overs, Lieutenant.”

“Aye, sir. Bringing the shuttle around, then.”

I scoured the deepness, trying to see something that wasn’t there. I knew Kuvakei was looking back, though – he was always watching us.