YC113.11.30 // The Completion of Site One


As many of you know, Site One, a nexus of data for all things Arek’Jaalan, was recently completed. Sporting a total of 18 data centers for each Project under the Arek’Jaalan initiative, two data transfer arrays, the Arek’Jaalan Research Offices complex, three construction material storage and research storage facilities, a living hub for visitors, researchers, and capsuleers each set near a residential shuttle port, a Visitor’s Center and an acceleration gate still currently under construction, all of which is settled under the mighty shadow of the Federation Administrative Outpost, the Site One complex heralds in a new age of discovery, learning, and progressive thinking.

Following are photos of Site One:

By approaching Site One, you are transferred an information packet about Site One and those who contributed to its building. Incidentally, I am listed first on the list; I would like to point out I contributed far less than the vast majority of capsuleers who made Site One a reality – contributors are only ordered alphabetically, not by the amount or importance of their contribution.

If you approach a Project data center, you will be transferred an information packet that contains the abstract for that Project. All information packets are stored in your cargo hold.

To all the capsuleers and people who made Site One a reality; In these tumultuous times, it is great people such as Hilen Tukoss, the Antiquarian, and all those who contributed to such a  grand project that will further our efforts to create a world where discovery and education are the desired end of a more enlightened people. Let us always push forward, unending, unyielding, until we are no more.