YC113.12.02 // Kanza Mikakka Suicide Attack and CONCORD Presence in Monalaz


Earlier today, a final attack was made by Kanza Mikakka against Site One, detailed by Gejaheline in this internal message sent to all Arek’Jaalan members:


At 03:33, Kanza Mikakka attempted to attack Site One, deploying a Condor frigate loaded with smartbombs near the main hangar bay of Site One’s admin structure. Fortunately, security units on-site were already present with logistics and warships and only minor damage was sustained by nearby vessels before his ship was eliminated. He then proceeded to fly to the local star in his pod and self-destruct. His body is in the capable hands of Aquila Shadow pending a forensic examination.

Several hours prior to this, Mikakka was spotted deploying suspicious packages at various sites in the system, marked “node 1”, “node 2” and so forth. These appeared to be remotely-detonated bombs, containing a transmitter, a quantity of explosives, and some Noxicum. The components of one of these units has been retained and stored prior to examination.

Subsequently, containers containing transmitters were also found deployed, and a “System scanner relay” was located outside one of the stations, containing several high-tech communications devices along with computers and a Sleeper Central System Controller. This device was also disassembled and awaits examination in my hangar under secure guard.

Apparently the disassembly of this device was “too late”, though for what is uncertain. Mikakka then proceeded with their suicide attack, having swapped their Succubus for a more conventional Condor.

I would like to commend the Arek’jaalan staff who took part in the operations to disrupt and pursue Mikakka’s operations, tenaciously pursuing and removing many of his devices and ultimately eliminating him when he assaulted Site One. Their zeal and motivation in the face of restrictive rules of engagement and an elusive foe were most impressive. Thank you all.

With the attacks against Site One becoming more concerted and meditated, it may only be a matter of time before devastating damage is done to the complex and its residents. If Sansha Kuvakei is truly behind the attacks, it would be wise to take as much cautionary action as possible; underestimating Sansha Kuvakei and his capability would prove to be a fatal blow to Site One.

To only muddy the waters of conspiracy even more, the well renowned astrocartographer Mark726 reported today of suspicious activity by CONCORD in the Monalaz constellation. He states:

Greetings, fellow pilots,

For those of you who may not recall, near the beginning of Arek’Jaalan’s existence, we were warned by CONCORD to stay away from Monalaz (the Constellation you must enter in order to access the EVE Gate and surrounding systems). We were not told of any specific information, but rather warned generally to stay away from CONCORD affairs in that Constellation. After vigorous debate, the Project decided to ignore CONCORD’s warning to stay out of Monalaz, while still attempting to stay out of CONCORD’s way should any activity present itself. This was perhaps 6 months ago. We have heard nothing from CONCORD about activity since that time.

Just now, as I was moving through Monalaz for Project Compass, Aura presented me with the following information:

“In this dark new era of Sansha’s Nation incursions, the Monalaz constellation has become home to the most well-funded and notable anti-Sansha taskforce, Operation ISHAEKA (Intaki for “Leader Two”).

“ISHAEKA represents a multinational effort to coordinate forces against Sansha Kuvakei and oppose his twisted, dystopian visions of conformity and slavish obedience. The tactical response unit is comprised primarily of DED captains, but it is also supplemented by a contingent of elite combat veterans from the Tash-Murkon region. These soldiers are known only as the Justiciars.

“The ISHAEKA taskforce is believed to have relocated to the Monalaz constellation shortly after the conclusion of the first phase of their operation. During Phase One, the taskforce was deployed to the Stain region. Rumors persist that the Justiciars learned something of Nation’s plans while on deployment, and that their choice to relocate to Monalaz, of all places, speaks volumes about what they may have discovered.”

It appears to be clear to me that this is what CONCORD wanted us to stay away from. I have not yet had the chance to thoroughly investigate Monalaz for any CONCORD allied structures, but I shall be doing so on my first opportunity.

Warm Regards,

Whether or not these occurrences pertain to the recent Sansha sympathizer attacks at Site One are unknown; however, such a prolific and powerful resistance seems to point toward a large conflict looming on the horizon; we can only hope that we are better prepared than beore for whatever may come, and that these forces are enough to safeguard and protect our people from the long arm of Sansha Kuvakei and his Nation.