YC113.12.04 // The Security of Site One to be Assessed


Following the attacks by Sansha sympathizers against Site One, a formal meeting to discuss the lack of security and protection at Site One has been called by the department head of the SEC Branch Michael S. Guthris:

1. – Emergency meeting Site One lack of security
2. – Security assessment Review on Site One
3. – Third department head SEC Branch appointed
Fellow researchers,

// 1. //
Pending an immediate investigation on the tactical assessment regarding Site One’s lack of security I move for a meeting session to be planned ASAP.
My security review is due before the end of this week. However we have allready concluded that the security detail currently on Site One is solely incapable of defending the construction crew.

The meeting will be scheduled:
Monday the 5th, between the hours of 19.00-23.00 YST.
or Wednesday the 7th 1900-2300 YST
Date will be chosen per availability of department heads.

Please mail me which date suits you the best by private messaging me.
[Please dont “reply all” to avoid annoyances with other project members]

// 2, //
My security assessment of Site One will be made public before the scheduled meeting. It will encompass the tactical assessment of the layout, structures and ships currently on site.

// 3. //
A new department head has been appointed for SEC Branch.
Our current leadership consists of Grideris and myself. To counter balance this a pilot who has shown to be a clear thinking individual, who is not prejudiced by political affiliation or stance. El Geo will take up the role of third lead in SEC. Replacing Drake Arson, Former SEC Lead who got removed from office after breaching the non-aggression agreement beset by the EC commitee. [see report]

Over the following weeks we will be restructuring SEC Branch to act as a better functioning security force. Recruitment drive will be announced pending some minor internal meetings.
Thank you for your time,

With regards,

Michael S. Guthris
Arek’Jaalan SEC Branch Lead

While the attacks have ceased for the moment and an impromptu patrol force has been mobilized by Arek’Jaalan members, the utter lack of protection from either CONCORD or the Federation or Republic Navies has left Site One completely vulnerable. Compounding this is the forged capsuleer certification of the attackers, which leaves one to wonder if those in charge of maintaining the security and scrutiny of the certification process have been lazy, bribed or are Sansha sympathizers themselves.

Word has yet to be heard from Hilen Tukoss regarding these issues.


2 responses to “YC113.12.04 // The Security of Site One to be Assessed

  1. Your concerns are noted, the SEC matter has been looked into as of Saturday the 10th in a public meeting (minutes to be uploaded asap).

    Dr. Tukoss will be forwarded a detailed report regarding the lack of security at site one. However due to his busy schedule it may take up to a few weeks before SEC receives a response.

    With regards,

    Michael S. Guthris
    SEC Branch Lead

    • Thank you for the reply Michael.

      I have complete faith in the competence of you and the SEC to keep Site One as secure as possible; it’s only disheartening we’ve had as little support from CONCORD or either the Federation or Republic as we have. Keep us as updated as possible, as I’m sure you will.


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